Discovering NXT criptocurrency 
I opened an account for Nxt (pronounced as "next"), a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin paradigm.

Nxt uses brand new software, it’s not another fork of Bitcoin source code. Nxt is not an "altcoin" that is based on BitCoin with some alterations. It's designed to deliver many more features than just a coin.

Coins are earned solely by charging transaction fees.
Time between blocks is one minute. This increases the rate of orphaned blocks but makes it more convenient for the users.
Nxt doesn’t use so-called “scripts” aka predicates. This simplifies and accelerates transaction processing. Advanced features like multisig will be created on top of the core as 3rd party services.
It's 100% proof-of-stake,so it does not require the extensive mining systems of Proof of Work currencies like BitCoin and altcoins.

1 billion Nxt coins were generated in the first block, and no new Nxt coins will be created. Coins are not "mined" like they are with other currencies.

The client is Java code, and it's still a closed source (until January 2014) project.

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