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Wanna hack the Google phone? :) 
Jay Freeman, a.k.a. saurik, has managed to install Debian on a T-Mobile G1 smartphone. I wrote about it some weeks ago.

In this way, he obtained a device which is capable of running both Google's Android and the Debian install; an unrestricted OS with a huge pack of applications available, and a tweaked mobile phone platform for ant use and experiment.

I know, this is probably only for geek people, but this configuration would give you full control over your G1's filesystem and allows you to install whatever applications you might want.
Uhm, I'd like to be a German phone user!

"If you're interested in getting your hands dirty and playing with Debian-on-G1, Freeman has set up a G1-Hackers mailing list, where you can find like-minded individuals to chat with," writes Ars Technica's Erica Sadun.

Maybe this is the greatest world viral marketing campaign in ICT ever; nevertheless, the HTC Dream will be a valid base for state-of-the-art Linux OS, ARM-based, OSS, all-in-one personal system solution.

I'm already thinking about Chinese/Taiwanese industry developing low-cost G1 clones!

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Android phone 
The Android phone G1ís specs are still unknown but this phone for T-Mobile is rumored to have a 528Mhz Qualcomm 7201 processor; Data kit for USB connectivity in the box; 64-128MB Internal RAM; 256MB Internal ROM, 1GB MicroSD card; Dedicated camera button; 3.1MP camera (no flash) 2048 x 1536; Video playback files - H.264, streaming, 3GPP, MPEG4, and Codec 3GP and a Dedicated YouTube Player.

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Maybe the Core Duo is still too much expensive for a middle-class customer, I don't think is too much power for you, so a MiniPC could go further, even if a Via processor or a Celeron M would be good enough.
Here we have either SATA or DDR2 Ram instead of ATA and DDR333 SDRAM, and this for only about 160x125x55mm. And please consider now 32GB or 64 GB Flash memory instead of traditional Hard disk for mass storage...
Power consumption under 20W...
Fanless so noiseless...

all in a single board computer (Mini-Nano-Pico-iTX form factor).

a touchscreen color display (why not)

Hava a look to this motherboard: Intel Core 2, Pentium and Celeron processors in a small mini-ITX form factor with the ZOTAC nForce 610i-ITX. The ZOTAC nForce 610i-ITX delivers compatibility with Intel socket LGA775 processors with 1333 MHz front-side buses.

NVIDIA GeForce 7050 graphics processor with CineFX 3.0 technology delivers DirectX 9.0 with Shader Model 3.0 compatibility

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