A Search Engine Historic retrospective 
It seems light years away when Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page worked on their Backrub @ Stanford, putting the bases for their Google enterprise.

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine
is the description of their Google prototype.

At that time, Indexing and collecting web resources was in its early days. No deep user profiling, no search content-oriented ads, and so on.

I go back to the Archive to find the barebone frontend of these old knowledge access points, surpassing crawlers, spiders, and glorious directories.

Here are:

The Yahoo early experience in 1996

And (at that time) my favourite Altavista, of course.

The first Google home page in 1998

I remember the first 37 search engines found by 37.com:

altavista, yahoo, infoseek, excite, hotbot, mozilla, webcrawler, planetsearch, google, huskysearch, looksmart, lycos, magellan, snap, yahooligans, healthfinder, intelihealth, dictionary, pcgame, filez, cnn, newsindex, encyclopedia, lawcrawler, euroseek, euroferret, webwombat, ananzi, metacrawler, cyber411, highway61, miningco, dejanews, rex, whatuseek, savvysearch, northernlight

It was really (web) Space 1999!

And then I remember some pioneers of advanced web robots and metasearch tecniques at the beginning of this millennium..

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An Autonomous Multirobot Systems Course 
In 2015, The Georgia Institute of Technology organized and published this clever

Autonomous Multirobot Systems Course

A lot of AI and robotics studies and experiences about:

- Multiagent architectures.
- Communication, cooperation and coordination in multirobot systems.
- Diversity.
- Taxonomies of multirobot systems and tasks.
- Adversarial domains including robot soccer.
- Example biological multiagent systems.
- Multirobot learning.

Liked it very much.

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A WebGL experiment... and Merry Christmas 
Your WebGL advent calendar featuring everyday
a new experiment made with love by digital artists.

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A view of Leonardo da Vinci by me (us) 
On the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, organized with some friends of mine

on Saturday, November 9, 2019
A Meeting on: Leonardo, a versatile artist and systems engineer

On the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, countless conferences, exhibitions, events and conferences on this Renaissance genius in Italy and around the world have been organized throughout the year by a myriad of institutions, covering all the various aspects, aspects and true and presumed inheritances in the world of today of the activity of this great man.

At the invitation and suggestion of various members, the club Circolo Numismatico Monzese also wanted to organize an evening with Alberto on the subject, trying to suggest, as far as can be done in such a short time, a vision that highlights the personal holistic, practical and constant research that is behind his thoughts, his studies and his works, anticipating in his time the principles of modern technical artistic and scientific disciplines.

Speaker: Alberto Capponi
Friday 22 November 2019 - 8.45 pm
c/o RSA Bellani - Conference Room
Via Lipari 7 - MONZA

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Time is... 
Definitely, My favourite old fashioned time reference to adjust the watch. :-)


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