ITS 2009 topics @ Stockholm 
Let's have a look at the ITS World congress 2009 topics for technical and scientific papers. Comparing to earlier ITS meetings, the list provides a more comprehensive view, with an interdisciplinary approach; not only it encompasses state-of-the-art information on a wide range of transportation topics, but it also raises and discusses issues that provide direction for the future.
Of course, ICT plays always a key role.

1.ITS for transport and traffic managers
1. Demand management and access control
2. Traffic management
3. Public transport management
4. Traffic prediction
5. Incident and event management
6. Traffic modelling and simulation
7. Parking management

2.ITS for travellers and users
1. Connected traveller services
2. Infotainment and mobility services
3. Location based services
4. Navigation and positioning
5. Traveller information, In-Vehicle Information Systems (IVIS)
6. Multimodal information
7. ITS for public transport

3.ITS for drivers
1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS) /Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS)
2. eSafety
3. Human Machine Interaction
4. Nomadic devices
5. Speed advice/management and driver impairments
6. Cooperative services

4.ITS for freight and logistics
1. Urban logistics
2. Intermodal transport and logistics
3. International transport corridors (incl.megatrucks)
4. Dangerous goods management
5. Freight and fleet management
6. Standardised data exchange
7. Tracking and tracing

5.ITS addressing societal challenges
1. ITS for vulnerable users
2. ITS for children, elderly and disabled
3. ITS privacy and liability
4. ITS against social exclusion
5. ITS for enforcement
6. ITS for disaster management
7. ITS for security

6.ITS infrastructure
1. Data collection and aggregation
2. Digital maps
3. Network information maintenance and update
4. Cooperative vehicle infrastructure systems
5. Infrastructure use charging
6. Communication systems
7. Data exchange
8. ITS as a critical infrastructure

7.ITS deployment challenges
1. Business cases and policy support
2. ITS costs, impact and benefits
3. Standardisation and interoperability
4. Incentive programmes
5. Field operational tests
6. Public procurement
7. Awareness raising, education and training
8. Public-private partnerships
9. eTransactions (payment, booking, ticketing, tolling, cross borders)

8.ITS for our climate
1. Politics and control mechanisms
2. Drivers and travellers perspectives
3. Controlling with focus on climate
4. ITS deployment for a better climate
5. Green traffic management
6. Green navigation
7. Green transport and logistics

As a leading country in ITS deployment, Sweden has arranged a variety of project showcases and demonstrations, and has organised technical visits to locations of interest to the worldwide ITS community.
Stockholm will be a checkpoint for new ideas, together with known studies and transportation models that could be now applied on real implementations, leveraging mature technologies; more powerful tools can be designed and engineered into system solutions in order to provide stable and effective impacts on transportation systems.

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Play with Wabble! 
Are you a Scrabble fan?


Now you can play with Wabble, a Free Online Multi-Player, Ajax-Powered Word Game developed by Ryan Buterbaugh
Wabble is a word game that you can play right in your browser. No need to register, no software to download and no Java or Flash interfaces. Just type in a username and password and create or join a game.

Wabble is still in development, implementing new features.
At the moment, you can play in English, German, Catalan and Italian.

I helped Ryan to debug Wabble and I work on software localization; including coded translation, dictionaries (from the Scrabblemmario project) and playing rules for the Italian language.

Enjoy playing with Wabble! :-)

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New VirtuaLab Studies 
I opened two projects, dealing with AI & Computational Linguistics.

To be honest, Scrabblemmario is a phoenix rebirthing from an elder project. Now I have new friends support, powerful tools and more raw material to work with, so I was encouraged to make a quantum leap and restart the study.
Scarabaeus is a challenging Scrabble game bot project, involving italian language-based heuristics and uncertainty prediction.

Have a look at the updated section page to learn more about them.

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Wanna hack the Google phone? :) 
Jay Freeman, a.k.a. saurik, has managed to install Debian on a T-Mobile G1 smartphone. I wrote about it some weeks ago.

In this way, he obtained a device which is capable of running both Google's Android and the Debian install; an unrestricted OS with a huge pack of applications available, and a tweaked mobile phone platform for ant use and experiment.

I know, this is probably only for geek people, but this configuration would give you full control over your G1's filesystem and allows you to install whatever applications you might want.
Uhm, I'd like to be a German phone user!

"If you're interested in getting your hands dirty and playing with Debian-on-G1, Freeman has set up a G1-Hackers mailing list, where you can find like-minded individuals to chat with," writes Ars Technica's Erica Sadun.

Maybe this is the greatest world viral marketing campaign in ICT ever; nevertheless, the HTC Dream will be a valid base for state-of-the-art Linux OS, ARM-based, OSS, all-in-one personal system solution.

I'm already thinking about Chinese/Taiwanese industry developing low-cost G1 clones!

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BOINC - Rosetta@home promo 

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