4th Workshop on Applications of Software Agents - WASA 2014 
Another interesting event in Agent Technology:

4th Workshop on Applications of Software Agents - WASA 2014

Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2-4, 2014
held in conjunction with
4th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics WIMS 2014

Workshop description

Software agent technologies reached a certain level of maturity that allows development of applications spanning from lab prototypes to mature real-life systems, in domains that could have not been imagined before. Furthermore, software agent technologies proved their usefulness in synergy with methods of intelligent computing and artificial intelligence.

The aim of the WASA series of workshops is to contribute to the advancement of technologies and applications of software agents' with a special interest in intelligent computing including, but not limited to reasoning, semantics, pattern recognition, learning and cognition, etc.

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Improving moving block railway system using fuzzy multi-agent specification language 
Author: Khan, Sher Afzal Zafar, Nazir Ahmad
Title: Improving moving block railway system using fuzzy multi-agent specification language
Journal name: International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control (ERA 2012 Listed)

Railway interlocking system is a distributed, safety, monetary and environmentally critical system and its failure may cause the loss of human life, severe injuries, loss of money and environmental damages. The complexity of this system requires formal modeling and step by step refinement for its construction and development. The formal specification-based languages, such as VDM, Z-notation and RAISE, have been used for its modeling using crisp (two-valued logic) theory. However, due to the continuous and inexact features, like speed, weight and moving block (breaking distance including length of a train), fuzzy distributed multi-agent approaches are required to capture the inexactness and uncertainty present in the existing system. In order to get a fuzzy distributed multi-agent environment, we have extended the Object-Z towards the fuzzy multi-agent specification language (FMASL) using an integration of fuzzy logic, multi-agent systems (MAS) and Object-Z to be applied for the railway interlocking system. Initially, our extended approach is applied for the specification of railway crossing, a critical component of interlocking system. We have supposed that a train is an autonomous intelligent agent and has fuzzy sub-agents: a moving block and a crossing intelligent agents.

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Monodroid: the new hybrid software chimera 
MonoDroid brings the Mono VM to Android, enabling .NET developers to write applications for Google's mobile OS. It seems another morganatic marriage, bringing new stuff to extreme programmers...
It will be a burden for cute, little Android-based smartphones.

Anyway, it's only version 1.0 and I have still some remarks on Moonlight "plugin" on Ubuntu Firefox..

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Scrabble in Milanese Lombard 
Still trying the nearly-encyclopaedic work to build and enable to online play a Lombard version of Scrabble.
Most complex wordgames like Wabble use a valid word dictionary for check, letter values and distribution and rule set adaptable, according to the multilanguage option considered.
Some early limitation to be accepted, like incomplete conjugation of verbs, following common use and banning uncritical acquisition from foreign languages, including vehicular Italian.
I'm going to adopt Classic Milanese orthography and pronounce rules.

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Web Hosting troubles.. 
Yesterday morning my web hosting provider (Aruba) had serious troubles in his server farm, leaving my domain (and many others) in a total blackout including website, blog and mailboxes unreachable.
A short outage reminded me that our virtual "enchanted castle" on Internet is still linked to power supply and trivial hardware

(and that I'd better to make regular backups of all this stuff @ home in a removable media!).

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