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R* template - a quick view (in Italian)

Un R* template la generalizzazione del concetto di web template in uso su Internet.
Esso determinato dal framework di riferimenti simbolici e relazioni spaziali e cromatiche tra i vari elementi audiovisuali che lo costituiscono.
Vi sono definite, in modo pi o meno esteso:

* semantiche di tipo
- iconico
- audiovisivo
- testuale

* regole sintattiche e grammaticali implicite ed esplicite (linguaggio naturale, di direzione, di posizione, sequenziali)

* richiami per analogia

* link ipertestuali (collegamenti e rimandi esterni)

* priorit percettive

* il linguaggio di programmazione stesso della pagina web

* criptolinguaggi con chiavi esterne o interne alla pagina rappresentata


I launched in Jan 2009 a new experiment, about either on heuristics based on A* algorithm and R* templates on the Web.

After a decade, the project has evolved and now includes historical digital archive search, Social Media, visual and verbal tokens, background contents and conversational tagging.

In the meantime, a little informal research agency has built itself, working for the best common experience in this field.

By now, we hold Web experiments on a daily basis.


(First results: Pruning a search method algorithm -> Example from a Rosetta search keyword in IXQUICK Images Metasearch - ranked at 2nd place).

The more significant links found out during the day will be put in a daisy-chained manner as news here, as simply as could be a human navigation supported by a metasearch engine. the result is an essential hypertext, easy to be tickered or used as a rss.

Starting from Spring 2010, I've activated a Twitter account for experiments over the "short messages" variety of natural language (limited to 140 chars), that is handling sets and supersets of info-tokens in distributed catalogues. Thanks to Twitter for the environment availability.

19 feb 2011
First consideration about the work done:
The biggest search engines on the market are, AS A MATTER OF FACT, metasearch engines, querying on internal and external search engine database indexes and resources: a real DISASTER in terms of unbiased query neutrality.

22 mar 2011
Playing with Twitter messages allows simple hidden coding in short messages (word matching, letter positioning and pairing in simple standard alignment)

23 may 2011
As a News media, dynamic page contents vary their hyperlinks on a daily (or even shorter) basis. It's "THE LINK OF THE DAY" concept, that is to update the natural ranking of web pages links in a timeline.


repeat this search!

22 apr 2014
Started an intensive test campaign

Gathering Agents and Information Clusters

14 may 2014
Keywords: SOMA Rgveda Trkiye

22 may 2014
Keywords: Denver Mandala 8 Milano

23 may 2014
Keywords: 127 Betlehem Bruxelles pastebin

25 may 2014
Keywords: Dabru emet

6 jun 2014
Keywords: D-Day <- esenin perm 036

8 jun 2014
Keywords: Pentecoste ore 19 - Canada GP

18 jun 2014
Keywords: Markovian chains AAMAS Bergdahl audition

20 jun 2014
Keywords: The Goldbach conjecture

24 jun 2014
Keywords: Grammatica kurda - Ti con zero - FIFA World cup

25 jun 2014
Keywords: San Maurizio Milano newborne

12 jul 2014
Added a curious new link of the day.


About the general concept of R* template on the Web:
Second International Workshop on Data-Aware Distributed Computing (DADC'09) held in conjunction with the 18th International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-18), in Munich, Germany.